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Up and down sand shooting double station automatic molding machine

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SX1A5555, SX1A5565, SX1A6565, SX1A6070, SX1A6575, SX7575, SX1A7585


550*550, 550*650, 650*650, 650*750, 750*750, 750*850


clay sand mold casting

Product description

See 1-8 on the right



01. Improve efficiency and reduce costs. 20 seconds/shape (including 9 seconds of core down time) Two on the box and two off the box, modeling the core at the same time

02.Shape under the core, synchronous work. Double station molding machine operating platform, one station modeling at the same time, the other station under the core, to achieve the modeling and core synchronous work

03.Vertical sand shooting to reduce trachoma. The sand shooting adopts the method of air suspended top shooting and bottom shooting, so that the sand is filled perpendicular to the plate in a flowing state, so that the sand filling reaches the uniformity. Therefore, no sand clogging phenomenon, can be stable production of deep and complex shape products

04.PIntelligent Manufacturing Industry 4.0. Remote order, purchase information platform exchange, remote monitoring, diagnosis, troubleshooting. User factory equipment compatibility management

05.More than 2.1 meters wide lower core space can accommodate two people at the same time, no column shielding, at the same time with multiple protection mechanisms, the core is convenient and safe

06.One-click operation, no need for professional and technical workers, one day can be skilled operation, reduce maintenance costs

07.Wide range of sand height adjustment, 300-550 adjustable

08.A type of multiple pieces, efficient layout, reduce the layout of products restricted, increase the number of type 1 pieces


What do they say

The surface of the casting is rough during artificial modeling, and the casting is very beautiful after using the automatic molding machine.
Dawn Rusk
With 6 years of automatic molding machine, more than 1 million molds have been produced, and the equipment stability is very good.
Ula Robin
With the Zhuojie automatic molding machine to improve the speed. China Zhuojie machinery manufacturers have good after-sales service.
Eli Bertram
With Zhuojie automatic molding machine, do not have to worry about the difficulty of recruiting molding workers.I like this guys.
Bart Leigh


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To satisfy customers, make employees proud, let the society respect, to become a world-class foundry machinery manufacturer.


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To satisfy customers, make employees proud, let the society respect, to become a world-class foundry machinery manufacturer.

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